Guest Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
Without Caddie With Caddie Without Caddie With Caddie
¥18,200 ¥20,950 ¥30,400 ¥33,150
(All Days)
Without Caddie With Caddie
¥8,180 ¥10,930
Student Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
¥11,700 ¥16,100

*Does not include graduate students.
*Please show your Student ID upon check-in.

Junior 18 and under All Days
1R・4B・Without Caddie ¥5,900

*With caddie +¥2,750
*Junior High School student or younger need to be accompanied by a guardian.
*Credentials (such as Student ID or Health Insurance Certificate) are required to prove your age upon check-in.
*Please replace your own divots with the sand provided on carts and tees.
*All applicable taxes are included.

9-Hole play in Afternoon (Twilight without Caddie)

Guest Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
¥7,500 ¥9,600
Member Weekdays & Saturdays Sundays & Holidays
Official Member ¥5,000 ¥5,000
Weekday Member ¥5,000 ¥9,600

* Back Tee and Championship Tee are not permitted.
* 2B +¥1,100
* Effective January 2, 2015, the course is only available for members and guests with member due to maintenance until further notice.

House Rules/Guidelines

1. Please check-in 40 minutes before your tee-off.
2. Please when playing 9-hole,please try to play within 2.5 hours,and follow the group ahead of you keeping the space between to within one hole.
3. During play, please replace your own divots, repair ball marks, and rake bunkers.
4. Make sure you read the notice of “Safety Precaution” posted on carts.

【Dress Code】
・Wear blazers or jackets from October to May.
・Do not arrive wearing your golf shoes to prevent introduction of weeds.
・Outfits considered inappropriate by our management will not be accepted on the premises.

◆Hats and Sunvisors
・Wear hats or sunvisors to prevent sunstroke and ball accident.
・Please remove your hats and sunvisors inside the 2nd floor lounge or restaurant.

◆ONLY softspikes and spikeless shoes are allowed.

・Wearing shirts with collar is a generally required. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
・Golf wear is different from ordinary clothes. Please make sure to tuck the shirts in trousers.
(Women’s golf wear designed to wear out of trousers is an exception.)

・When wearing short pants, there is no regulation in length of socks.
・However, short socks must cover the ankle.

◆Cell Phone
・Please keep your cell phone set to silent mode.
・When using a cell phone, be considerate of others.
・Use of cell phone is strictly prohibited within the restaurant.

・Smoking is permitted at the designated areas ONLY.
・Inside the course, smoking is prohibited except on teeing grounds.
・Please dispose of cigarette butts to proper areas. NO littering.

・Please do not wear sneakers, golf shoes, or sandals upon arrival.
・Please do not wear shirts sleeveless shirts, tank tops,and with round collar.
・Please do not wear jeans, camouflage clothing, micro-miniskirts, or sweats.